Thursday, 13 November 2014 12:52

WWFC - Cage Encounter #2

Vlad Popovschi, 22 years old, is the best MMA fighter in Moldova . Power and confidence are attributes that help him to succeed. How he achieved this see the following interview.

On Saturday,14  June, hosted the tournament "Cage Encounter-1" presented by the International League WWFC (World Warriors Fighting Championship), and organized under the auspices of the Association of Combat  Sambo and MMA and  Federation of  Unifight  Republic of Moldova.
For the first time in our Republic were held fights in certificated hexagonal cell, which has become an arena for gladiators of 26 fighters from Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, France, England, Romania and Azerbaijan.
Delays with the start of the show have been invisible to the guests during the pre-party of DJ Michael Ra. Special guest of «Cage Encounter-1" was rapper SERYOGA, triumphantly returned to the stage, and came to Moldova to support the athletes of the club «GLADIATOR». Sergei Parkhomenko, acting under the pseudonym updated, performed his sensational hit «King Ring» - the soundtrack to the cult film "Shadowboxing."

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