Opening remarks by President of WWFC League - Volodymyr Teslya

Dear athletes, fans of mixed martial arts. WWFC League was established in 2014 in one of the European countries of Bulgaria. The goal of our League is to unite all the nations of the world in the same organization, this thing demonstrate that, sport strengthens friendship between people. Hold tournaments in all countries of the world, make it open and available.


Sure, that together we will make it possibile , dear athletes and fans! Will not be easy, we know and are ready for challenges and only together we will achieve our goal. Mixed Martial Arts (a recognized name in the world - MMA "mixed martial arts")- is one of the most promising sports destinations around the world. Athletes "MMA" (Mixed Martial Arts) - Universal athletes, who know how to box and fight. Create modern conditions for sports, active promotion of healthy lifestyle, are among the priorities of a civilized state social policy.

One of the main levers engaging in physical culture and sport, is to organize sport events. Mixed martial arts tournament - it is not only spectacular, vivid battles of professional athletes, but also a great example for the younger generation. Mixed Martial Arts allow the ring and sports grounds and not on the street, to prove their strength. Watching the fights, young people go to the gym to train, to become professional  universal athletes. Mixed martial arts tournament – are competitions that give answers to the eternal question: what martial art is  the stronger.

The first MMA tournaments were held in a format where various fighting styles have met each other in an uncompromising fight, in order to identify the strongest martial art. Popularity of MMA  due to the fact, that mixed martial arts fighting are in all the schools, because they are an universal system that absorbed in the process of development, the very best of all styles in martial arts. Virtually, every part of the world presented their mixed martial arts league, aimed at the development of mixed martial arts, revealing new talented fighters.

After all, MMA is not only fight, but it is an interesting show ,a holiday, and we are ready to give you this holiday, our dear fans!

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